New EP The Hand Before Time by Manos Lindas

Bouncing beats give way to a steady cadence as if heralding the urgency of the lyrical intention – and the continuous crescendo of Manos Lindas’ Gas Station Panic inevitably shifts you. Transitioning from a Mission Impossible-ish refrain to a cautious wail paired with a somber narrative, you start to feel infused with emotion. Accompanied by electrified strings, the climbing tempo starts to swell into a peak which brings up images of whirling dervishes to the imagination. This vibrancy later gives way to a slow drift which seems to represent that hope lives and is creatively augmented by the haunting reverbed siren which gives the feeling of a committed and weary struggle – but certainly not despondency.

The dance between the sounds on the third track suggests a sense of play; the youthfulness of something new; and the promise of something fresh and unique. Subtly changing key signatures throughout Light Fight of the Firefly whisks you around into a delicious aural surprise, reminding one of the seemingly new paths that are always present but sometimes obscured on this journey of life.

A spiritual drum and bass soul pivoting piece, Medidration infuses you with the spark to move. This is the antidote for global dysthymia. Its rhythms force you out of habitual waste thought and plies windows open for positivity to stream through, stirring up hope and inspiration during these challenging times.

Sharp caramel vocals resonate through the final song on the EP by Manos Lindas. You get a sense of the urgency and sincerity of the message through the luscious rooted earthy tones sung by Hannah Glass. The perfect brevity of Divorce The Police leaves you curious and yearning for more. Listen to Opening Invocation more than once and you’ll discover that the intention has been set and subsequently answered in The Hand Before Time.

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Manos Lindas is the product of what its name suggests. Blurring an array of genres and origins, each member contributes their individual hands for a collective sound that can’t be pinpointed. San Francisco is a cultural melting pot and certain aspects of that culture are fading, natives would tell you. The heterogeneity, the color, the nerve, the beauty, and the edge: this is what Manos Lindas sounds like.

Violinist and Vocalist. After being bitten by a radioactive violin, she gained the power to bewitch and inspire anyone within hearing distance. During full moons, she can be found serenading crowds into ecstatic trances in popular Bay Area venues.

Drummer. Recently, scientists have theorized that he has developed such a precise sense of timing by utilizing a third eye which he uses to see through time. He may be found taming wild beasts and otherworldly creatures in his spare time.

Bassist. He is known for the mystical and hypnotic movements of his feet. Travelers far and wide tell tales of how just one glance at his soulful boogie steps elicit involuntary and spontaneous dancing in observers. Enjoys rainbows, Adidas clothing, and long walks through the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.


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An artist in spirit, I embrace life through the creation of music and narrative. Eki Shola, a solo artist, creates live chillout with a slice of soulful jazz electronica.