Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Here is a list of tips that you should consider for your next elevator pitch:


  1. Use adjectives and sensory-stimulating words to describe your band. Describe the world you’re creating with your music. Make sure not to state genres that are too broad. For example, the word “experimental” or “rock” is very broad.
  2. Give a band or two that might help people understand your style.-   You could say, “we’re like The Beatles”.
    • There are two other paths with this approach:
      1. “We sound like (band name) covering/mixed with (band name).”
      2. “We’re like if (band name) and (band name) had a baby.”
    • TIP: It helps if there’s a really obvious difference between the two bands, where the imaginary combination could be tangibly perceived. Be aware of how you say it and which bands you use.
  3. Find your niche: don’t appeal to everyone.
  4. Say it confidently! Be sure of yourself.

Exercises to help you find your pitch:

  1. “Say what you do”…as in, take time to write down your goals and mission as an artist. Doing this will help you better verbalize what you’re doing and how you’d like to present yourself.
  2. Find out what makes your band unique. When comparing to artists that may be similar, point out what differentiates you.
  3. Summarize what you do in a Haiku! Always a fun alternative.
  4. Do a survey! Ask people to give you their opinion of your sound. Encourage them to give you a list of bands you sound like. They could also use descriptive words that help summarize your bands sound.

Some Other Good Advice:

  1. When writing a booking email, don’t compare yourself to the greatest band of all times. (Unless you actually sound like them.) Be aware of your audience and word your email accordingly. Use “I’m influenced by…” rather than “I’m like…”
  2.  When selecting a band name or description, the one you don’t question after it’s said is probably a good one.

Now go do an elevator pitch!

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