Artist Review of Franck Martin by Guest Writer Alvie Adams

Franck Martin is a French native, Electronic musician, who is based in the Bay Area. Franck’s music sounds like it was inspired by the early days of electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre, Air, Daft Punk, Xenakis, Tangerine Dream, and many others. He got into music years ago, he was curious how electronic music was put together. Franck started creating, eventually learning how to get his sound to where it is today. In 2016 he released his first album “Binary Trees” which was heavily influenced by the years he spent in Fiji and the Pacific Islands. This album has a wide variety of sounds that can really take you on a journey. His second album “Suspended Times” is a continuation of his exploration. However, it draws more from avant-garde electronic music and the modular synthesizer community of San Francisco and Berkeley, where he now resides. 

Personally, I don’t listen to a ton of electronic music but I really enjoyed the synths and variety of electronic music Franck has created. Songs like Firefly are so ambient, which is something I really like about electronic music, it gives it that trippy feel. Other songs like Spinner, which has almost 40k spins on Spotify, has a very driving arpeggiated synth that feels familiar but also unique as well.

After listening to Franck’s new album Symphoney, I really understood what he is trying to do with his music. It really took me out of this world. Each song, or part in this album’s case, really takes you to a different realm which is a super powerful thing for music to do. Avant-garde music has always been so interesting and powerful to me, I think some of these tracks would be great in a movie or visual art piece. Franck’s style of music has really shown me how avant-garde music can be extraordinary. If you ever need a complete escape from the world we live in, Franck Martin’s music can really help you achieve that goal. 

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