Song Review of Bay Area Band Tell Me Tell Me’s Song “Before” by Guest Writer Kalib DuArte

Michael Bang of Tell Me Tell Me just dropped his latest release “Before” and it is a sweet little gem. The first bass note grabs you like a ghost from the past, and the drums rattle you like a slow passing locomotive. “Before” is at its beating heart a groove-driven love letter that bursts out with playful passion. It calls to you directly, simply, personally, and leaves you hungering for more as it leaves you in fading static.

Musically it’s a love child of late 70’s minimalist post-punk drum and bass, ala classic Gary Numan, and 90’s anthem rock, ala Smashing Pumpkins, yet with a 2020 contemporary social media personal touch – no posturing at all.

I do wish the vocal and synth call and response section use a more aggressive sound patch on the keyboard response riffs. Perhaps we’ll get a remix later on where the reply riffs are something with more edge. But for now, they do bring a sweetness and quality of innocence to the song. Something that is needed in these troubled times. Give this endearing track a spin. You’ll not regret it and be left with a hidden ear-worm in your memory that will play like a soundtrack to your life at an unexpected moment.

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