Visit The Midway in SF For Live Music, and See Shows Like Raindance Sunday Funday with Ardalan & Worthy

The Midway in San Francisco is a multifaceted space located at 900 Marin Street in the Dogpatch neighborhood. It is a one-of-a-kind space, dedicated to bringing art, entertainment, and education under one synergistic and collaborative roof. The space doesn’t only house artists and their work but also provides a space for the general public to engage with and experience San Francisco’s dynamic arts and music communities.

Balanced Breakfast’s co-founder Stefan Aronsen photographed Raindance Sunday Funday with Ardalan & Worthy last Sunday, November 15, it was undoubtedly an event full of energy and good music, as well as delicious food.

Music Line up:
Ardalan, Worthy, Little John (with Annie Dolly), Kyra, Rudeskool, and more!

Looking for a safe spot to see live music? The Midway in San Francisco is your destination! Guests were required to wear face coverings at all times unless actively eating/drinking. Additionally, guests were asked to remain at their tables unless they are picking up food, drinks, or using the restroom. Each table reservation includes a seat for 4 guests. No more than 4 guests can occupy a table or the square space around the table at one time. Finally, guests are not permitted to congregate in aisleways, between tables, or at food/beverage pick up stations. For some, this sounds annoying or bothersome, however, for those of us that want safe live music … it’s AMAZING!!!

Safety measures continue with venue personnel who are all required to use face coverings, wash hands frequently, and maintain a physical distance of at least 6-feet to the extent possible. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the dining area and contactless ordering & payment are encouraged.

The Midway is in compliance with all SF DPH Health orders as they pertain to outdoor dining. Additional information is available upon request.  Designated areas/lines with markings are on the ground to indicate both directions and six-foot distancing.

Visit The Midway SF to see table reservation options and plan your next visit!


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Photos by Stefan Aronsen

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