Set Phasers to Rock: Spaced-Out America at Slim’s

Set Phasers to Rock.

I’m really excited about this upcoming show: “Spaced-Out America” lands at Slim’s on Saturday, July 1st, at 8PM.

The most anticipated space rager this summer, “Spaced-Out America” features a stacked lineup. The Damn Fanatics, Mannequin Planet, Doctor Striker, and The Phenomenauts will blitz the stage with massive sound and thrilling live performances.

“Spaced-Out America” promises to be an immersive visual and theatrical experience. Follow an American Fanatic as he embarks on an epic journey through the intergalactic cosmos of rock ‘n’ roll, encountering aliens, otherworldly mannequins, mad scientists, and more – all during Fourth of July weekend, when one’s allegiance to America’s first-class space program is second only to having a goddamn party.

Here’s the lowdown of all the bands preparing for fireworks in space:

The Phenomenauts

Science and Honor need no introduction: Oakland heavy-hitters The Phenomenauts return to Slim’s for their next Mission, to headline “Spaced-Out America”. Founded in 2000, The Phenomenauts, “Earth’s Greatest Rocket-Roll Band”, have delivered their message of science across the country and descend upon the Bay Area once more to bring space to your face.


Doctor Striker

Winner of The Deli SF 2016 Poll for Best Emerging Artist, Doctor Striker is an industrial-electro-rock party machine. A mix of heavy electronic beats and synths, cross-generation guitar work, and pop music sensibility, Doctor Striker’s musical craft never pales in the light of their truly electrifying live shows. Decked out in white lab coats, they interject titillating performance art pieces, wave U.S. flags, remove most of their clothes, and unwaveringly deliver on their promise to “rock major fucking ass”. Their newest album, “The Man,” is scheduled to release next year.


Mannequin Planet

Mannequin Planet, the winner of 2016’s Haight-Ashbury Street Fair Battle of the Bands tournament, is a Nine Inch Nails/B-52’s-esque industrial outfit. Their wild performance-spectacle shows transport the audience to an otherworldly planet by incorporating suave actors, sexy models, B-movie imagery, wacky costumes, boxing matches, on-stage castrations, construction work… oh, and lots and lots of mannequins. Their newest album, Sick of Monsters, was released this April.


The Damn Fanatics

Praised by The Bay Bridged for their brand of “boot-stomping rock’n’roll”, The Damn Fanatics are a San Francisco band that combines party rock with psychedelic electronic sounds. Fun and theatrical, they’re known for their mascot, Tom Tom, who is quite literally a devil’s horn-shaped human head. They most recently played at Brick and Mortar to celebrate their new single, Sent By The Man.


On July 1st, set your phasers to ROCK, because “Spaced-Out America” will be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Get your tickets now: http://www.slimspresents.com/event/the-phenomenauts-slims-w-doctor-striker-mannequin-planet-the-damn-fanatics/

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