Magic Giant at The Chapel in San Francisco


“Let’s make history!”

I was first introduced to Magic Giant at one of BandPage‘s lunch gatherings. I love attending those events, this one was extra fun because I extended the invite to my friend Liz. Neither of us had heard of Magic Giant before lunch, I just told Liz that it was fun to hang out at BandPage.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this new band from LA touring through SF for the first time. In truth, I didn’t expect the band to grab my attention as much as they did. They greeted us when we arrived, made small talk while we ate free lunch, then put on an awesome 3 song performance. Perhaps it was their outgoing personalities or their charismatic nature that first made us care… but once they started playing I was hooked and so was Liz.

Now Liz has their tracks on repeat when we drive in her car. We didn’t think it was fair to keep this discovery to ourselves, so we got our friend Pete hooked by introducing him to the band at their last show at The Chapel.

I am looking forward to their next show at The Battery, I’m just sad I can’t bring all of SF. However, I do hope this post gets a few more people interested in Magic Giant … so we can all go see them the next time they tour through SF.

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