The New Colossus Festival 2022 in New York City on March 9–13

The New Colossus Festival returns to New York City’s Lower East Side from March 9–13, 2022, and is excited to announce the second round of confirmed artists. The festival promises to deliver another highly curated lineup of emerging artists from around the world paired with a conference that hosts informative discussions with industry professionals on topics that matter. Kicking off on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, and running until Sunday, March 13, The New Colossus Festival is an opportunity to discover the best new emerging artists and engage in professional networking experiences across multiple independent NYC venues including Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, Berlin, Bowery Electric, East Berlin, Pianos, and more.

FULL LIST OF SECOND ROUND OF CONFIRMED ARTISTS: Alicia Clara (CA) • Ava Vegas (DE) • Bodywash (CA) • career (UK) • Couch Prints (US) • Deer Scout (US) • Ellen Froese (CA) • Enjoyable Listens (UK) • Fieh (NO) • Ghost Car (UK) • Goodbye Honolulu (CA) • Gus Englehorn (CA) • Hobby (CA) • jackie (CA) • Kapil Seshasayee (UK) • Laura Lee & the Jettes (DE) • Letting Up Despite Great Faults (US) • Marta Del Grandi (IT) • Meatraffle (UK) • Nicole Yun (US) • Nuha Ruby Ra (UK) • Paul Jacobs (CA) • Phobophobes (UK) • Rikas (DE) • Shallow Waves (CA) • Shower Curtain (US) • Social Contract (UK) • Split (UK), Status / Non-Status (CA) • THALA (DE) • The Garrys (CA) • The Institutes (UK) • Toflang (ES) • Trunky Juno (UK) • TVOD (US) • Witch Prophet (CA) • Yoo Doo Right (CA) • + DJ sets by: Agent blå (SE) • Cole Koch (CA).



Listen to the New Colossus Festival 2022 Playlist + more info: https://linktr.ee/newcolossusfestival

Started in 2018 as a launching point for top international musicians to showcase their talent to NYC music industry and local fans, The New Colossus Festival has since established itself as the first stop in the US for many artists. “The United States is a ‘melting pot’ of cultures and countless people come here looking for new opportunities,” says festival co-founder Mike Bell. “We are excited to celebrate this long-standing tradition of welcoming the world and honored to do so in what I would consider to be the cradle of western popular music. We’re really just looking forward to sharing our love of music with the incredible community we’ve built over the years.”

Though organizers were unable to host The New Colossus Festival in March of 2021, they’ve kept the music alive since wrapping up the last edition in 2020. “Like many of our friends who are in the business of presenting live music, we were faced with some tough decisions about how to proceed and were excited to launch The New Colossus Sessions in April of 2020. This was a way for us to stay connected while continuing to share some of our favorite artists from around the world with our online community,” adds festival co-founder Steven Matrick. “It was a way for us to get as close to the live experience as we could and Brad Wagner (Paste Magazine) is such an incredible interviewer and host.”

In April of 2021, The New Colossus Festival started hosting weekly outdoor shows called “Summer Sundays” at 18th Ward Brewing in Brooklyn, highlighting some of the best artists and bands from the NYC area. Festival co-founder Lio Kanine adds, “It grew into a super rad weekly thing with a community vibe and a taco truck. That really helped to get these bands playing again and people coming out to see live music outdoors. We’re psyched to bring a bunch of these bands back to the festival in March 2022 and look forward to keeping the music going after.”

Named after Emma Lazurus’s 1883 sonnet featured on The Statue of Liberty, The New Colossus Festival is a multi-day, multi-venue showcase and conference for emerging musical talent from around the world that converges on New York City’s Lower East Side.

The full list of handpicked artists and bands include with more TBA:

A Very Special Episode (US) • Alicia Clara (CA) • Art d’ Ecco (CA) • Ava Vegas (DE) • Beechwood (US) • Blushing (US) • Bobby West (UK) • Bodywash (CA) • Buckets (US) • Capitol (CA) • career (UK) • Ciel (UK) • Cigarettes For Breakfast (US) • Climates (US) • Couch Prints (US) • Data Animal (NZ) • Dead Tooth (US) • Deep Sea Peach Tree (US) • Deer Scout (US) • Diary (US) • Docents (US) • Ellen Froese (CA) • Emily Weekes (US) • Enjoyable Listens (UK) • Fawns of Love (CA) • Fieh (NO) • Forever Honey (US) • Garden Centre (UK) • Ghost Car (UK) • GIFT (US) • GIRL SKIN (US) • Goodbye Honolulu (CA) • Gus Englehorn (CA) • Hobby (CA) • Holy Wisdom LLC (US) • jackie (CA) • Jango Flash (UK) • Jelly Kelly (US) • Kapil Seshasayee (UK) • Kierst (US) • Laura Lee & the Jettes (DE) • Letting Up Despite Great Faults (US) • Lily Desmond (US) • Living Hour (CA) • Love, Burns (US) • Lunacy (US) • Maria BC (US) • Marta Del Grandi (IT) • Mary Shelley (US) • Meatraffle (UK) • Morning Silk (US) • Mother Tongues (CA) • Nicole Mercedes (US) • Nicole Yun (US) • Nuha Ruby Ra (UK) • Ok Cowgirl (US) • Paul Jacobs (CA) • Phantom Handshakes (US) • Phobophobes (UK) • Punchlove (US) • Qlowski (IT/UK) • Raavi (US) • Razor Braids (US) • Real Numbers (US) • Rikas (DE) • S.C.A.B. (US) • Sahara (CA) • Shallow Waves (CA) • Shower Curtain (US) • Slow Fiction (US) • Social Contract (UK) • Split (UK) • Sportsfan (CA) • Status / Non-Status (CA) • Strawberry Launch (US) • Sunglaciers (CA) • Tallies (CA) • THALA (DE) • The Backfires (UK) • The Garrys (CA) • The Gloomies (US) • The Institutes (UK) • The Lotts (UK) • The Natvral (US) • Toflang (ES) • Trunky Juno (UK) • TVOD (US) • Wah Together (US) • Wetsuit (US) • Witch Prophet (CA) • Yoo Doo Right (CA) • Yours Are The Only Ears (US) • Zoon (CA) + DJ sets by: Agent blå (SE), Cole Koch (CA)



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