“Mirror” by Shelley Thomas, Guest Review by James Harries

Mirror” is the hypnotic new single from Brooklyn performer-composer Shelley Thomas. It’s the follow-up to the stunning “Cancer Moon” released earlier in the year and a real teaser for the upcoming album! 

Poetic musings on the struggle within ourselves (“The light, the dark, this is who you are”), delivered with a mesmerizing expressive vocal performance of such control and grace, float over a gorgeous sweeping cinematic microtonal string arrangement that is both melancholic and wonderfully uplifting. 

It brought to mind Arabic Andalusian folk songs I’ve heard… if played in the Balkans with Middle Eastern/North African instrumentation (who can resist the qanun here!). It moved me like the touching Fado performance I was once lucky enough to see in a deserted church in Porto. 

Mirror” is a perfect slice of “World Chamber Pop”. 

Shelley will soon be launching a fundraising campaign with Plaid Dog Recording based out of Boston, MA to record a full album with the 10 piece ensemble, you can email info@shelleyvoice.com to make a pre-pledge for the full album, or support Shelley by joining her Patreon.


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