Lucia Lilikoi’s “Angel Of Mine”, Guest Reviewed By Adesha

I must say, that artists like Lucia Lilikoi make me truly grateful to be a part of the Balanced Breakfast family. I might have never discovered her beautiful voice and music if not for them. It’s a testimony to how many amazing independent artists exist, ones you will likely never hear of unless you make the choice to seek them out.

“Angel Of Mine” is one of my favorite new songs. The vocals and musical production of this song paired with the amazing mixing and mastering, most of which are done by Lucia, are excellent. And yes, this woman is not only a singer and songwriter, she’s her own instrumentalist and sound engineer. It’s true, take a second to let that process. “Angel Of Mine” has the haunting appeal of Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”. There’s an appropriate emptiness to it that transports me to the desert at dawn with a crackling fire and stars appearing in the sky, the time of day that is dark and yet so full of color. A true experience. The vocals evoke a sense of peace and oneness with the earth. I’m not surprised about this as it is Lucia’s mission to create music that brings healing. I really hope her music reaches the masses. So many could benefit from hearing it.

Artist Bio: Lucía Lilikoi is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound-healer born in Sevilla, Spain, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her unmistakable voice and lush arrangements are matched by elegant recordings in a genre she calls ‘dream folk.’ Over the years her music has led to studio and live collaborations with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley), Julie Wolf (Ani Difranco, Sia), Grammy-nominated Jai Uttal, sacred music troubadour Murray Kyle, Jonathan Richman (The Modern Lovers), Joey Maramba (Rickie Lee Jones, John Cale), Lorca Hart (Meklit, Freddie Hubbard), Chris Haugen (Phil Lesh), and Sudhananda, amongst others.

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