Adesha’s Single “Life’s Too Short” Guest Reviewed By Lucia Lilikoi

Adesha means voice in Sanskrit, and it’s obvious that this woman was meant to live a life of song. Years of performance as a child and training in musical theater and gospel, and later, a time of spiritual awakening and personal loss in her family, shaped the intention of her music for creating meaningful change in the world.

Adesha’s latest release, “Life’s too short” invokes the energy of retro funk from the late ’70s/ early ’80s with her own modern twist. This is the perfect track to start off the day, moving to the beat and raising the energy to a higher frequency. Her sultry voice and rich harmonies lead the track, and the rhythm section is a solid foundation that will make anyone wanna dance. The guitars are tasteful and soulful and the whole track feels both balanced and full of all the right dynamics that make a song great.

This song is a hit! I’m excited to keep listening to Adesha’s catalog and soul-filled/ high vibe music. It’s always a pleasure finding new music that feels both fresh and substantial.

Artist Bio: Oakland, California native, Adesha made her solo debut singing for hundreds of people at The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco at the tender age of six. By age ten she had starred and co-starred in musicals, she sang a jingle for a commercial, and had performed solo at a few of San Francisco’s live music venues. Years of training from singing in church; vocal coaching from her mother Deltrina Johnson, a trained gospel singer; and numerous live performances would follow the training she received in her primary years

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