New Single, The City (Genderfuck) by Audio Terrorist

Audio Terrorist‘s remix of “The City” was released on September 2nd, 2020 on all streaming services. The new single is a gothic industrial jam with a broadway musical flair. It struts down the runway at a post-apocalyptic fashion show, with an attitude that says “step aside Manson, move over Reznor.” It’s evocative lyrics get anchored by specifics like, “come across the steel span and leave the day behind… whether you’re in torn-up jeans or latex opera gloves.” The song is like a dance battle on the set of the 90s movie, “The Crow.”

Formed in San Francisco by performance artist Kalib DuArte, the now Seattle based project encompasses an eclectic mix of various dark electronic genres with a healthy dose of funk. A strong theatrical sense guides the proceedings in this song, giving it a clearly demarcated ebb and flow. A few moments of breath-catching here and there strengthen the impact, especially for the build toward the end. I respond most to it’s pacing and the drama. It sets you on a motorcycle heading over the bridge into The City with all its nightmares and nocturnal emissions.

Though it’s designed for the club sound system, but at home, I suggest listening to the track on studio headphones to maximize the impact of each element. If it was a wine this review would say: ‘Pairs well with cruel intentions and smoldering fury.'”

The track and all of its variants can be heard now on Audio Terrorist’s Bandcamp page. Also, check out the FFM for all of the places you can stream the new track.

About the author

Michael Bang leads many musical projects including but not limited to his newest project Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me.