Resonance Releases New Single “Saturday Nights”

Resonance is a blues-influenced rock band born in London but putting down roots in California. Leaving her law career behind, lead singer and songwriter Radhika Rathinasabapathy committed to music in full and moved from London to San Francisco. Since then she has recorded an EP and 2 singles and is working on a full-length album. The single “Saturday Nights” is the interlude leading to the yet-to-be-named album. 

“Saturday Nights” is about a band member whose partner has asked them to not play gigs on Saturday nights and the toll that can take on their career and band dynamics. The lyrics are an imagined heart-to-heart with the band member and with his wife. The protagonist tells the bandmate he can’t be in a band if he can’t play on Saturday nights, and assures his wife that her husband isn’t of interest and he’s not her type. The song ends with the singer and the bandmate’s wife taking a walk and her reassuring her one last time that it will be alright but giving the ultimatum that the band will have to move on if they can’t play gigs. 

Radhika wrote the song back in London after a few musician friends mentioned the constraints their partners were putting on their music by­ telling them they couldn’t play shows or rehearse on certain nights of the week, or by talking down their musical ambitions. A pretty common problem in relationships for artists pursuing their career, given the amount of time they put into their work, which can put a strain on any relationship.

The music is a take on classic blues guitar riffs with a London flair, driving bass, and tight drumming that pushes the listener along with the protagonists and their dilemma of having a band member not wanting to play on Saturdays. 

Check out the single “Saturday Nights” out now on Spotify and everywhere else or on their latest tour.

Resonance will also be touring in support of the single on the Escape Velocity Tour along the West Coast. Check them out at the dates below. 

Calendar Information:
July 13 – Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant | Sonoma, CA | 8 -10
July 11 – JaM Cellars | Napa, CA | 8 -10 PM PM
July 14 – The Block Petaluma | Petaluma, CA | 12 – 2 PM
July 22 – Bar Lubitsch | West Hollywood, CA | 7- 11 PM
July 23 – 710 Beach Club | San Diego, CA | 9 PM – 1 AM
July 27 – Fernwood Resort | Big Sur, CA | 10 PM – 12 AM

To find out more about Resonance check them out below:
Band website: http://resonancemusicproject.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ResonanceMusicProject
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/resonancemusicproject/

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