21 Crucial Tunes From 2021 – A 2022 Playlist by Davis IL

Homies & Heroes is Davis IL’s 2nd annual playlist and features my 2021 crucial tunes, releases from indie homies and megastar heroes. These songs are so good they can’t be rated with stars. (They are beyond review.) In addition to Gothic Tropic, White Denim, Rico Nasty the playlist also includes your truly, Davis IL covering Lana Del Rey.

Half-wild is my 2021 album release, I always like to make an album that has one cover song on it. (an old school thing from the ’60s and ’70s) Since Lana Del Rey is the epitome of LA COOL she felt like the perfect songstress for me to cover. Additionally, her song West Coast felt just grungy enough for me to put my own rock twist on it.

I led this playlist with The Sweet Inspirations, a long-forgotten backing band that is featured on a lot of old hits, like “I Aint Never Loved a Man The Way I Love You” by Aretha Franklin, which is one of my all-time favorites. Their song “That’s How Strong My Love” is not from 2021 however it was reissued this year. Since their track isn’t technically from 2021 you might say the playlist officially starts with Gothic Tropic (an artist I collaborated with this year.) and Allie X.

Featuring: @gothictropic, @valentino_demartini, @whitedenimmusic, @leo_london_music. @kingdreammusic, @coolhandjax, @kyrajoseph_, @riconasty, @madlib, @b.i.g.f.u.n, @acidtongue, @turnstileluvconnection, @adele, @mastodonrocks, @__secondskin__, @oliviarodrigo, @arca1000000, @thuggerthugger1 @jeffbhasker, and @gunna

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A zelig of both Northern & Southern California music scenes, he grew out of San Francisco with the band Growwler before an eventual move to Los Angeles signaled work as a sideman with acts like Jaime Wyatt & Tropa Magica. Soaking up the heady weirdness & modern sheen of each town, he released a duo of singles in 2020 (“All That’s Solid/Queenie Pie”) meant to be played loud & leads one to believe a love child of Ozzy & Elton- but raised by Angel Olsen- exists.

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