Ghost Tiger is Coming! Ghost Tiger is Coming!

Ghost Tiger is as hip as their hometown, beautiful and relaxed Santa Barbara, where the surf is up and the sun is out. It’s the sort of music that alternates between moving you and getting you moving within the first 10 seconds. Accessible & repetitive bass and drum mixes with top-brained treble that comes at you quick and doesn’t let go. Add to it crystal clear vocals and instantly identifiable lyrics and Ghost Tiger will have you humming along by the second refrain. The term “celebration dream rock” comes to mind. Celebration of life, of love, of triumphs and tribulations. There is an exciting versatility in both musicianship and sound, the ballads coming across as energetic and full as the more upbeat it’s-hip-to-party tunes. Music easy-going enough to be overheard in a cafe with energy captivating enough for a festival stage, lead singer Alixandra Macmillan-Fiedel embodies an effortlessness that permeates the air and Ghost Tigers around her. “I want to make the kind of music that comes from an honest place and that excites me. I feel as though I’m constantly learning and growing as a writer, and at the heart of it all i hope to make music that moves and touches people,” she says. See what she means in the videos below.

I, for one, am excited to see the band up-close-and-personal at Awaken Cafe in Oakland this Thursday evening. You can catch them up and down the left coast over the next couple of weeks on their “Some Friends Feel Like Family” tour. Their first single off the release, “Science Camp” ‘s music video is also as entertaining as it is catchy, check it out above, or see a live video below, and take a look at their full tour details below 🙂

1/21- The Crepe Place w/ Palmz & Burnt Palms, Santa Cruz, CA
1/22- Awaken Cafe w/ Foxtails Brigade & Idea the Artist, Oakland, CA
1/23- Cafe Coda Chico w/ The LoLos, Chico, CA
1/25- Rontoms w/ Daydream Machine & Houndstooth, Portland, OR
1/26- Floating World Comics in store performance, Portland, OR
1/29- Conor Byrne Pub w/ Mariko Ruhle & Boots to the moon, Seattle, WA
1/30- sam bond’s garage w/ Pluto The Planet & Wilderness

Find Ghost Tiger on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghosttigermusic
Listen to Ghost Tiger on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ghosttigermusic

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