WOW … LILA ROSE (ANIIML) at The Independent!!!

If I said, “Lila Rose (now ANIIML) killed it last night at the independent.” I would be making the biggest understatement of the year.

Let’s start by dissecting the simple elements she brought to the stage.

  1. An Epic Band (bass & drums)
  2. 3 Piece String Orchestra
  3. 2 Piece Brass Band
  4. 10 Foot Birdcage
  5. 3D Projector
  6. Emily Afton
  7. Sexy Dance Moves & A Whole Lot of Energy

I was extremely tired last night after a week filled with wild events. Thus before the show event started I was considering going home after only a couple of songs. However, once the show started … THAT WAS NOT AN OPTION. I was hooked and I couldn’t stop staring!

I wasn’t alone! Shot out to all the homey’s in the crowd! There were tons of East Bay Balanced Breakfast peeps in attendance. We were like a flash mob that wouldn’t stop. I hope we’re all in agreeance … WE MUST BE AT HER NEXT SHOW. (SO GOOD!!!)

Lila Rose

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