Con Brio releases ‘Kiss The Sun’ and single-handedly increases the number of babies born nine months from now

In fact, preliminary research shows that this week’s surge in love-making, its boost in bonking, its escalation in copulation, may increase the population nationwide as much as 2% come November 2015.

Con Brio’s Kiss The Sun is a vibrant, absurdly over-the-top, genuinely fun six-track whirlwind. Highlights include the sexy slow-jam R&B of “Never Be The Same” and “Sex Supreme,” the classic 6/8 soul of “Give it All,” and the 4-on-the-floor disco of “Kiss The Sun.”

Ziek McCarter’s vocals draw comparisons to James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and (dare I say?) Bruno Mars in all the right ways. He can sing with great power and force, and just when you can’t take it anymore he dips down into a soft falsetto as the band ducks into a sparse steady groove. Watch them live (keep your eyes peeled for a Ziek’s gymnastics after the first chorus):

Excellent production (and bass playing) is provided by Jonathan Kirchner, who knows exactly where each instrument needs to sit in order to draw maximum impact. The horn section (Brendan Liu, Marcus Stephens) is tight as a drum, and Andrew Laubacher’s drums are as tight as the horns. The guitar work of Benjamin Andrews is oh so deliciously funky. And don’t even get me started on Micah Dubreuil’s keyboard playing, which traverses the stratospheres of organ, synthesizer, and electric piano – from verse to chorus and back again.

If there is a flaw in Kiss The Sun, it’s that its songs packed with too much emotion. It’s a particularly intense listening experience. Here are six songs filled to the brim of chutzpah and vigor; and I’ll be honest: it doesn’t fit every mood. But if you’re on the hunt for a multifaceted babymaking dance party… well then ladies and gentlemen, here is Con Brio.

Local Bay Area Funk/R&B/Disco powerhouse Con Brio releases ‘Kiss The Sun’ this week, and their album release show on February 14th at the Independent expects much bow chicka wow wow.


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