Live 105 Music Workshop at 330 Ritch St

Last Wednesday night, Live 105 in conjunction with the SAE held the annual music workshop at 330 Ritch St in SOMA. Live 105’s Music Director, Aaron Axelsen opened the floor up to a two-hour Q&A with a panel of local music industry panelists to discuss crucial topics pertaining to artists and career development.

Rose Kirkland: Talent Buyer – Live Nation
Meredith Aleandri: Booking Agent – High Road Touring
Patrick Brown: Engineer/Producer/Studio Owner
Joe Goldberg: Management – Zeitgeist
Steve Brodsky: Manager/Promoter – Figurehead Management, Mr. Roboto Promotions
Frank Door: Video Director – Element 151
Cheryl Kovalchik: Promotions – RCA Records
Sam Salisbury: Director of Artist Relations – RootMusic

Although the panel was packed with experience, the focus remained on local bands and budding industry professionals. Questions revolved around the evolving music business model, social media and booking shows in the new music world.

How has social media changed the music industry?

Coming from the company that developed the band page on Facebook, Sam suitably handled this question. He started with a broad statement about how social media has allowed bands and labels to effectively channel their product and messages directly to their audience.

He then narrowed down on the key dos of promoting your brand through social media. After a few minutes of deliberation on the panel, the key dos are – make sure your social media is “authentic”, ensure that you “know your audience” and make sure you “do it right.” Sam also added that one person in a band should be responsible for social media –“they call that the fifth Beatle.”

Aaron referred to the authenticity comment by saying that bands shouldn’t subscribe to what other bands are doing – Social media is an insight into a bands personality, which connects people to that band.

As an emerging band, is it better to play local shows or hit the road and tour abroad?  

Appropriately, Rose and Meredith answered this question by throwing it back and forth to cover off on a number of points. After a few minutes, it is clear that bands must own their own town before heading out of the road. Meredith added, “if you can’t do it here [Bay Area] you won’t be able to do it out there.”

This point is backed up by Joe, saying that emerging bands must set “local goals” and work through A, B, C before getting to H.

Bay Area vs. LA

This question was answered simply by Rose – “LA has the quantity, SF has the quality..” the crowd awakens and cheers.

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