Branding Advice via Leon Rosen’s Instagram

Deciding what to post on Instagram every day is hard. Posting when you don’t know why you’re posting is even harder. Now combine that with not having a visual language and you might feel lost and lacking direction.

Bay Area musician Leon Rosen makes amazing music but hates posting photos on his Instagram. I asked him to create a bubble chart, the bubble chart should be filled with all of the things other than Instagram that he was inspired by. When he was finished there was a lot of information on his paper. In fact, his bubble charts were quite dense and he was able to create multiple pages of ideas.

When he submitted his charts I realized his problem. He didn’t lack inspiration, but rather lacked restraint. We needed to set up rules of engagement to shrink his view and help him create clarity in his social brand. Instead of introducing more color, more pop, more wow … we removed a lot of colors, reduced pop, and found his wow. Leon Rosen writes music that is emotional and sad, at times he has a “FCK it all” attitude.

By reducing his color palette to mostly brown and suggesting he take more photos of his studio and abstract photos of himself we found his reason to post photos on Instagram. I’m not saying he likes Instagram or doesn’t get frustrated, what I’m saying is that he has a visual language and focus. Do you struggle with the same thing?


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