Stefan Aronsen

Balanced Breakfast President & Co-Founder


Stefan Aronsen has a masters degree in Graphic Design from The Academy of Art in SF. He has worked for LucasFilm, Stitcher Radio, Magnifi, and many indie record labels. Currently, he is a music promoter, photographer, radio host & DJ who co-founded Balanced Breakfast and does freelance design in the Bay Area. His passion for the local music scene is evident in everything he works on.

He is passionate about music, but specifically the up and coming music industry scene. His goal is to help musicians succeed and for the community we work in to be more healthy. His vision for the future of BB is that it might help musicians feel more connected and supported. The music industry can be lonely and exclusive, but it doesn’t have to be. It has been his goal to use his design skills to bring education, support, and success to a music industry professionals that could most benefit from it. Hopefully, in creating a useful app that fills a niche in the music industry, we can see more success, support, and happiness in our local scenes.

Stefan has the passion for music but is unable to create it. This created a huge complication to his plan to be a rock star but was a huge win for the music industry. The industry has lots of rock stars, it needs more groupies with a purpose. Fans like Stefan are important to the music industry’s success.


Co-founder of Balanced Breakfast
Freelance Graphic Designer


Academy of Art University
Masters in Graphic Design
2004 – 2009
Portland State University
Bachelors in Graphic Design
2000 – 2004
University of Oslo (UiO)
Norwegian Language
2002 – 2002


Creative Suite100%
Social Media95%
WordPress 85%

Contact Info

Phone : 1.415.894.2302
Email : stefan [at] blncdbrkfst.com