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Encourage voices in local music communities to represent the pulse of their scene. Promote discussion on current hot topics in the music industry.

Initially, there isn’t money to pay bloggers. If we can create enough hype and the blog generates ad revenue we will pay bloggers.

Log-in to our site via: https://balanced-breakfast.com/wp-login.php?action=register
If you believe you are already registered … click “Lost Your Password”

Once you are logged in, find the users tab on the left side. It is very important that you UPDATE YOUR PASSWORD, add a bio, connect your social platforms and register for a photo: https://en.gravatar.com/

Are you using chrome? If yes, download the Grammarly app: goo.gl/K8Bnrt

(Please don’t skip this step!) Some of you are AWESOME with grammar and spelling … while others are NOT!!! This step will help you, our editor, and me!

When you are logged in to Balanced Breakfast you should see a post tab on the left. If you select this tab you will see the option to “Add New.” Click on it.

It is important to set up your WordPress workspace. Think of it as your desk at work. You can turn off tools you won’t use, and turn on the ones you will. (Please turn off Page Options & Page Builder) Additionally, you are required to set a featured image … perhaps you’d like that option slid up next to publish. You can drag it up.  Take a second to change settings to fit your needs. (SCREEN OPTION TAB AT TOP)

If you are going to use BB’s name to access and cover shows or festivals, simply pitch it to me. (stefan@blncdbrkfst.com) Then CC info@blncdbrkfst.com when you email the band or booker.

(This helps ensure nobody else has requested to cover the same show.)

Once you have your settings set, you can start blogging. Writing a good blog is important … but much like creating music your job isn’t done when you have your story on the screen. It is mandatory that you set a featured image. You will find the featured image box on the right panel.

Once you have set your featured image you need to set your excerpt. This is a synopsis of your story. Please write a minimum of 3 sentences describing your content. Some people simply paste the first 3 sentences of their story here … this will work! (If you don’t see this option, check to ensure that it is turned on under “Screen Options” at the top.)

Also, it is important that you tag your post. The tags will be all the main topics you covered in your blog post. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. This is very important for SEO. Please set a minimum of 5 tags. (Examples include your name and the name of the band you’re covering.)

Last but not least select a category for your post. In most cases, you just need to select one category. It might also be relevant to select your local BB city. If you are in Austin, you would select that as your category. (If you’re traveling you would choose the closest city to you.)

When you are done writing your story, please preview the post to ensure it looks the way you want it to appear to your readers.

Some shortcode things to know.

  1. If you post a youtube link in your blog it will automatically create the embed code for the optimal size needed to fill the screen.
  2. Check YOAST and ensure you have all green lights.
    Green lights mean your post has good SEO and is READABLE.

We don’t currently have an editor, if you fancy yourself a wordsmith, I’d love to talk. We are looking for somebody with the time and passion to make sure posts look their best.

If you need to get in touch with me:
Stefan Aronsen

Contact Address
PO BOX 423525
San Francisco, CA 94142

Website URL

Short Code

Social URL

(Let me know if you want to start a city-specific Twitter or Instagram)

My Personal Biography
Stefan Aronsen has a masters degree in Graphic Design from The Academy of Art in SF. He has worked for LucasFilm, Stitcher Radio, Magnifi, and many indie record labels. Currently, he is a music promoter, photographer, radio host & DJ who co-founded Balanced Breakfast and does freelance marketing and design in the Bay Area. His passion for the local music scene is evident in everything he works on. Follow him at @StefanAronsen on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

If bands, venues or PR people ask for a BIO for BB
Balanced Breakfast is an international community within the entertainment industry. At the core, we host meetups around the world for music industry professionals. Our goal is that people come together to discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis. The outcome is a community that works together to support each other. This collaboration not only helps launch individual careers but strengthens the local music scene. While our primary goal is to build community we are also interested in working with you on your future projects.