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with Music City SF During SxSW 2020

SxSW is canceled, HOWEVER Balanced Breakfast is still hosting our 2020 Showcase in Austin on March 16th – 21st. Join Balanced Breakfast for our 2020 showcases, presented by Music City Hit Factory. We will feature prominent bands from San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin and more. Don’t miss any of the excitement at The Jackalope, Austin Java and Still Austin Whiskey Co.

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Discover bands from San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Nashville, Austin, Charlotte, Reno and more.

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Past Showcase Attendees

  • I recommend Balanced Breakfast. Good for all sizes.

    Todd Tate
  • This is an important community organization and a collective of total pioneer trendsetter music folk… if you’re into that sort of thing. In short, 🔥💯.

    Isabelle Garson
    City Leader
  • Balanced Breakfast is the best community resource for musicians and music industry professionals. Period.

    Brooks Dierker

About The Jackalope

Showcase Location One

Showcase one is located at 404 East 6th in Austin, from March 16th – 18th. The Jackalope is a dive bar with a giant jackalope sculpture & other quirks, plus burgers, pizza, music & happy hours.

About Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Showcase Location Two

Showcase two is located at at 440 E St Elmo Rd in Austin, from March 20th – 21st. Still Austin Whiskey Co is a whiskey distillery, event venue & tasting room with daily tours, music & a food truck.

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