LIVE REVIEW: Brown Shoe @ Hotel Utah 3/3

Charming alternative rock quintet, ‘Brown Shoe’ smoothly combines popular indie rock with a more mature atmospheric sound – think Band of Horses meets Of Monsters And Men. At first glance, local Folsom lads appear pretty fresh-faced. However, the four brothers have already knocked out three commercially successful LPs and a number of North American tours

Hotel Utah is best known for showcasing some of the Bay Area’s ‘best-kept secrets’; bands that are on the cusp of breaking through. It is always a little frustrating to see an awesome band play to such a small crowd and unfortunately, this was the case on Saturday night.

Dressed sharply in denim shirts, the four brothers (and cousin on keys), adopted a no-nonsense approach to their set and wasted no time playing through their first four songs, including the infectiously catchy tracks ‘All of Your Ghosts’ and ‘Colt Rider’ from their recently released album ‘The Gift Horse.’

Guitarist, Aaron, and bassist Bryson bore no illusion to their experience playing together. The extremely tight wispy sound added a new element of emotion, which I didn’t previously grasp whilst listening to them through my computer speakers. Charismatic frontman, Ryan’s rustic voice suits the alternative rock bands style to a tee adding an atmospheric nature to the songs. At various points through the set, I felt like an extra on a movie set, particularly through the single ‘Aquarium’, from the album Jackalope (listen below).

Brown Shoe is currently on tour promoting ‘The Gift Horse.’ As the band flirts with various indie sub-genres so fans of Band of Horses, Death Cab For Cutie, Sigur Ros, Fun., The Lonely Forrest should definitely check them out!

Tour Dates Below:


 San Diego, CA, US
 The Ruby Room
Mar 08

 Santa Monica, CA, US
Mar 09

 Las Vegas, NV, US
Mar 10

 Flagstaff, AZ, US
Mar 11

 Albuquerque, NM, US
Mar 12

 Dallas, TX, US
Mar 14

 Austin, TX, US
Mar 15 

Austin, TX, US 
Mar 19

 Houston, TX, US
Mar 20

 Shreveport, LA, US
Mar 21 

Nashville, TN, US
Mar 23

 Pawleys Island, SC, US
Mar 24 

Baltimore, MD, US
Mar 25

 Washington, DC, US
Mar 27

 Philadelphia, PA, US
Mar 28 

New York, NY, US
Mar 29 

Brooklyn, NY, US
Mar 30

 Pittsburgh, PA, US
Mar 31

 Bloomington, IN, US
Apr 03

 Saint Louis, MO, US
Apr 05

 Denver, CO, US
Apr 07

 Spokane, WA, US
Apr 08 

Seattle, WA, US

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