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“Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between. We are here today to celebrate life, love, funk, sweat, but most importantly we’re here to celebrate BOOTAY. No matter your age, your shape, your color, your creed, your sexual orientation, your gender, or lack thereof. We are here right now today to show each and every one of you the sexy motherf’ers that you truly know you are. Now, in order for us to do what we do here, and turn this podcast into your sacred place, to be who you want to be, to love how you want to love, to move how you want to move, and to wear whatever the “F” you want. I’m going to need each and every one of you to call out to the power of the booty. And I want you to do it even if you don’t think we can hear you. BOOOTAY … BOOOTAY …. everyone sing it! BOOOTAY … BOOOTAY! Ok, now we can start the show!” – Dylan Charles Germick of Planet Booty

We had a great show, we talked about being fully you, creating music in Oakland, wearing crazy outfits, having your balls grabbed while on stage and more. I boosted Dylan’s confidence by letting him know Planet Booty is the reason I know about TWRP and Sex Ninja … I mean Ninja Sex Party and not the other way around. Listen to us talk nonsense for 30 minutes before the band performs live. This episode was recorded on July 23nd, 2020 – Stefan Aronen was in Portland and Dylan Charles Germick was in San Francisco.

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Dance to Planet Booty‘s eclectic electro-funk, grind to their original R’n’B grooves, and sweat under the intense, penetrating gaze of frontman Dylan Charles Germick as he begs you, in all sincerity, to love yourself no matter what.

Conceived in Oakland, California by two Indiana brothers and their friends, Planet Booty first emerged in the late 00’s as an eclectic 6-piece (or more) funk and soul dance band powerhouse preaching sweaty joy along the west coast. In 2014, singers Dylan Germick and Josh Cantero, along with bassist Rob Gwin, reinvented the group as a tour-focused trio with a tighter electrofunk sound and an even sexier, sweatier, more intimate message of positivity and inclusivity.

Since then Planet Booty has toured extensively throughout the United States, at club dates and festivals including SXSW and multiple Pride events, and have supported Lizzo, Ninja Sex Party, TWRP, Sisqo, Turquoise Jeep, Capital Cities, Escort, K Flay, and countless more. In 2019 Planet Booty released their fifth record, the Guilty Pleasure EP.

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On The Air with Planet Booty from Oakland

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