MISSION:MUSIC PODCAST: Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Making Music in a Pandemic

Balanced Breakfast’s podcast Mission:Music is back and broadcasting via ZOOM! In our first online show, and twelfth episode overall, we talk to Bay Area band Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs about the pandemic and what it’s like to be a musician during this mess. Highlights include what it’s like taking a dump in green rooms while on tour and predictions for when live venues will come back. Plus they share some amazing music that will be released on July 31st! Mission:Music is hosted by Stefan Aronsen of Balanced Breakfast, Jason Hunter of Great Highway, and Cory Zechmann of Silence Nogood.

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Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs are Loud, Fast, Rock and Roll. The band started out in Arizona, and you can still hear the desert grit in their particular brand of rock and roll. They arrived in SF in 2015 and have been growing a loyal fan base of fellow piggies ever since. Up-and-comers in the Bay Area’s storied music scene, they drip sweat and salty guitar riffs on historic stages across the region.

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