Briana Biatto – Fitness Expert & Music Artist

Briana Biatto is not your average pop star. She’s a certified fitness instructor who’s about to revolutionize the music industry. Biatto combines her love of pop music and gym workouts to create the new genre, PopFit. Biatto hopes this new genre will inspire healthier lifestyles.

“My big picture aspiration for the world is to lower obesity and divorce rates, and to spread love worldwide with my PopFit movement. This movement inspires people to be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. When someone is healthy, physically, their mentality changes; you are more confident, happier, you are able to see things from higher and more positive perspectives,” said Biatto.

Biatto started singing, dancing, and acting at the age of three. Her love of music led to vocal lessons by the time she was seven. She strived to be the kid who wanted to try everything. She discovered her love of fitness through playing sports. Oddly enough, ice hockey gave her the opportunity to first combine her passions.

“I am known as ‘The Singing Goalie’ to my close friends and family,” recalls Biatto. “I used to sing the National Anthem in my goalie gear before my tournaments. I traveled all around the U.S. and Canada playing from age 12-18 and had some prestigious colleges scouting me. However, I tore my meniscus my senior year of high school.”

Biatto refused to let this obstacle defeat her. She continued to pursue her passion for singing, eventually earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Hollywood. She remained active within the gym to help train her friends on the side. At the gym, she was constantly approached for personal trainer jobs.

“I decided to get my fitness certification and jump right in. Everything happens for a reason, so I ended up in LA, right where God wanted me to be,” says Biatto.

Biatto signed with Nite Vision Entertainment Records (NVER) and is currently in the process of recording her first full-length album. Once the album is finished she plans to embark on a PopFit tour. Many Los Angeles producers were not too keen on her dual professions at first.

“People kept telling me that I had to pick one and focus on one. Well, I didn’t want to. One day at the gym I put on my original music to listen to while I was working out and I was so motivated by my own words and feelings. I then thought about all the artists’ lyrics I would listen to while I would train and then it hit me. I wanna be the first Fitness Artist.”

PopFit offers a wide spectrum to create in. This genre is not limited to just peppy pop tunes.

“I can sing you uptempo, empowering songs for your warm-up, sprinkle in some dramatic rock uplifting singles throughout the workout while mixing in a couple of pop ballads during rest periods, and then end with beautiful soulful ballads for a cooldown and stretch,” Biatto explains.

Biatto’s lyrics feature a wide range of emotions but the baseline is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” These lyrics are motivating; they promote self-love, hope, patience, loyalty, trust, and most importantly, the power of love.

“My theory is the more people in this world that can learn to love themselves, know their worth, and really appreciate the person God made them to be, then their relationships are going to change; relationships with their friends, with their families, with strangers and most importantly with their significant others.”

What type of experience can we expect from PopFit?

Biatto plans for her concerts to be giant workouts, with herself leading the workouts while singing, with the help of back-up dancer/trainers in the background for the audiences to follow. The concerts will be held in the mornings so other artist competition is not going to be an issue. The concession stands will consist of healthy options; protein shakes, BCAA’s, protein, and health, wellness and fitness vendors.

“I also would love to introduce a new group fitness class to gyms all over the world that would consist of a playlist of my music, with some HIIT (high-intensity interval training), CST (cardio strength training), and other types of workouts that you will see in my music videos. Speaking of music videos, they will not be “workout” videos, they will be videos with healthy storylines that may include going through a break-up and storming off to the gym instead of the bar, breaking up and getting fit, arguing then sitting down to communicate instead of leaving, basically doing whatever it takes and living a happy and healthy life and portraying its benefits.”

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